Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Brigade comms planning updates


Hurricane 6
As you will know, LRRP team 21 experienced heavy resistance on their LZ earlier this morning. Immediate disengagement was ordered and dustoff Ricky Tick. I have not committed any troops from 502nd or 501st as a RRF. I feel that units would be preparing for RAPIDSTRIKE and we need to complete the planned Arial and LRRP recon to gain a better understanding of the NVA troop numbers in the area before engaging the enemy. The overview for RAPIDSTRIKE was to enter the AO in stages to guarantee self-supporting FSB cover for the area as we move westward. Typhoon 6, be advised that the hot LZ was 10# mikes due south of you intended AO.

Please advise of your feel to early commitment of Battalions to engage sooner. This would rely on air assets that might be committed elsewhere.

Hurricane Actual out........

Cyclone 6

My sense is we have unintentionally hit a sensitive spot on the enemy and we should look to poke again with immediate effect - using units to be inserted close too Team 21's insertion point with a blocking force some 6 kilo mikes to the south - both units would need fire support on immediate call.

Hurricane 6
Roger that. As the LZ site is In between 2/502nd and 2/501st, elements of these units should respond.

Cyclone 6 the 1/501st were to move into the AO first along highway 344 to the south east corner of the AO. Suggest we stick to this part of the plan as far as we can just move departure date forward. Await report from second days Arial Recon tonight before movement orders.

Departure from mission plan: order Gunship fire support from 7/17th Air Cav supported by fighters from 389th (Danger Close) for LRRP and air crew on LZ "CHIEF" (004-685) Division airlift will transport C Company 2/502nd to set up a defensive perimeter at 019-695 (designated LZ EASY) and a company 2/501st to join at same Pos ASAP. Once both companies are landed, C/2/502 will Recon east to LZ CHIEF to secure LRRP and Air crew at the crash site.
  They will form a defensive perimeter around the crash site and await support from D/2/592. WIA and Air crew to be escorted back to LZ EASY by a squad from D/2/502 and extracted ASAP . LRRP team 21 to remain with 2/502 at LZ CHIEF and await further orders. D/2/502 to be air lifted  to LZ EASY ASAP. D/2/502 to move east and link up with C/2/502 after arrival. Further orders to be issued from there.

Typhoon 6
Solid copy
The mothers and wives of LRRP team 21 appreciate the swift withdrawal of their sons and husbands.  Recon is best option so that we face enemy on our terms as much as possible.
 Request radio contact with area commanders to discuss option of new AO or possible aggressive entry
Typhoon 6 actual

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