Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Warning Order 1


From: 101st Division HQ
To: Brigade HQ

OBJECTIVE: Commence planning of operation for the designated Area of Operarions (AO) utilising the brigades battalions and attached assets..
SITUATION: - II Corps Intel has reason to believe that an enemy staging and Rest & Reorganisation (R&R) area designated Area K14 is located in the AO. Specifically the dense forest and mountainous areas within the AO. This area is serving as a staging area for units entering the south from the Ho Chi Minh trail it is also serving and a R&R area for units already in the south who have been contact with allied forces.
Due to successful interdiction by other assets the supply of food coming in to the area has been curtailed from the Ho Chi Minh trail. To obtain necessary supplies of food the enemy has been increasing its activity in the local hamlets and villages and exploiting these for supplies. Further to this task an increased VC presence has been noted and Republic of Viet Nam (RVN) control has been significantly reduced. The increased enemy presence in these villages is to insure their cooperation in supplying the enemy with food and intel as well as establishing enemy control of an areas of the south.
COMMANDERS INTENT : -The successful outcome of the operation should be based upon the following phases.
1: - Regain control of the civilian centres in the AO.
A: _ to reduce Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) control and the ability of enemy forces to gain supply and intelligence from the villages.
B: - to increase RVN control in these areas. An ARVN battalion has been assigned to out control to help in the securing of these villages once PLA has been neutralised.
If it is felt that a village is no viable to be returned to RVN control or that it is vulnerable to PLA reoccupation then the decision may be made to relocate the village outside of the AO.
2: - To locate and interdict the routes in to the AO that the enemy are using to infiltrate men and material in to the designated Area K14
3: - To locate Area K14 within the AO and to engage and neutralise enemy units and infrastructure.

METHOD : - Command considers that denying the enemy access  to the villages in the AO will deprive them of immediate access to vital sources of Intel,  Supplies and local support. Given that access to supplies of food material and men is being restricted from the Ho Chi Minh trail, this action by allied forces will draw the enemy out of their fortified locations in an attempt to retake the villages. This will allow allied troops to more easily locate and neutralise the enemy on ground of our choosing rather than theirs.
If the enemy choose not to engage in re-securing the villages and with denial of resupply from the Ho Chi Minh trail the enemy will be forced to relocate to other areas. This movement will expose them to our efforts and again will force them to fight on ground of our choosing and allow us to utilise our assets in destroying them.
If the enemy decides to hold the area and force us to engage them, we will need to first locate their bases and neutralise them with available assets.

EXECUTION : - To these ends these ends command expect that:  
The plan will draw up Areas Of Responsibility (AoR) for each battalion. 
A certain a plan of action for each battalion based upon Intel we gather through available assets.
The brigade will establish Fire Support Bases (FSB) and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) within the AO to support allied troops in the area and to further help in denying the enemy free movement in the AO and deny access to local civilian population. While servings as tactical logistical support of the units in the field.

FURTHER ACTION : - Intel and action package and information to Follow


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