Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Orders Bravo & Delta 1/501st, 1/Bravo/328th Engr, 2/17th Cav

From: LtC Paul Lewis CO S3 OPS 1/501st
To: CO’s D 1/501st & B 1/501st B 2/17th Cav, 328thEngineers.  2nd Brigade, 101st Division HQ

Time: March  03/06/1969 – 0600 hrs

Units: Bravo 1/501st Delta 1/501st, 1/Bravo/328th Engr
Action: Insert both Company’s via Helo to GR8241 1360 – companies will proceed to secure LZ
-     provide security for further insertion of elements of 326 Eng.Batt
-     on full insertion of all Units proceed north flanking the highway at patrol speed in tactical column to the old Military Installation
-     Delta as security in deployed perimeter whilst Engineer Unit sweep installation for booby traps and intel.
-     On confirmed clearance commence initial site blasting where relevant to prep FSB Lee. 
-     Bravo to proceed at patrol pace in deployed formation North to rendevous with 2/17 at Boon Tsuke Village GR 8235 1361

Duration: 4hrs

Units: B Troop 2/17

Action: Enter AO on Highway 344 at Southern end of AO and proceed at patrol pace northerly up highway reconnoitering and securing villes to West of Boon Tsuke GR 8235 1361
-     Rendezvous at this point with Bravo Company 1/501st.
-     Dig In with secure NDP around ville – engage with local village leader(s) utilizing Hearts & Minds program if practical.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Time: 03/07/1969 – 0600

Units: Engineer 326 Delta 1/501

Action: Units to commence ground clearance and construction of FSB Lee to enable Arty support to be inserted – Delta to provide security

Duration: 12 hrs

Units:   Bravo 1/501 Bravo,2/17

Action: Bravo Hold on standby – ensuring regular comms with Delta & Engineers.
-     2/17 Recon up Highway 344 to 8196 3665 to ascertain suitability of River Crossing at this GR
-     – return to ville outskirts and set up NDP

Duration: 12 hrs


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