Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Hurricane Two One Extraction Operations


Day two: 02/26/1969. Weather report: Light rain, moderate 20*cooling later 17* Wind NW, mild 12 mph.

09:00hrs- form defensive perimeter @ 0045-6855(current pos) and direct gunship fire from position - 20mins
09:30 hrs- prepare for, and extraction. Pop red smoke for pos-10mins
10:00 hrs - return to base and debrief- 60mins
11-00hrs - plan, prepare, resupply and rest at base for pm insertion to new patrol area-300mins
16:00hrs- insertion to new patrol area 135-715-60mins

7/17th AirCav VECTORS 605-260----185-685----004-685
09:00 hrs-blue and red teams 7/17th AirCav- supporting fire for ground troops @ 0045-6855- 10mins
09:00 hrs- all other available gunships 7/17th- supporting fire for ground troops-30mins
09:30hrs - blue and red team 7/17th - extract LRRP team and crew (1 WIA) @ 0045-6855- 10mins
09:30hrs -blue and red teams 7/17th- return to base WIA priority- 30mins

389th Tactical Fighter Squadron VECTORS 265-795-------004-685
09:00hrs -F4-C's 389th TFS -buzz the surrounding area of crash site @ 0045-6855 no ordinance- 30mins.
09:30hrs - destroy remaining HELO's at crash site with rockets-10mins
09:30hrs - napalm surrounding area of crash site- 10 mins
09:40hrs - return to base for rearm and fuel -20mins flight time
10:00hrs - refuel and rearm for support operations- 120mins (?)
12:00hrs - redeploy to supporting role for operations 20 mins flight time, 120mins operation time.

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