Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Saturday, 5 March 2016

LRRP Standard Operating Procedures for Operation RAPIDSTRIKE III


LRRP Standard Operating Procedures for Operation RAPIDSTRIKE III

FROM: TOC F/58th Infantry (LRRP)
TO: S3 Operations 2nd Brigade, 101st Division
Company FOXTROT 58th Infantry LRRP attached. 1/501, 2/501, 1/502
Operational objectives, priorities and parameters as follows.

To patrol given AO ( 4km Square) to identify routes of passage by the enemy and record for future action by ground forces or artillery assets during the upcoming operation RAPIDSTRIKE III. Friendly contact should be made with local tribes where possible to gain information in regard to enemy movements and strengths. 

The locating of SU 23-2 and DShK anti-aircraft sites is a priority. These sites should be logged with precision. Once logged, The team must retreat to a safe distance (3km) and coordinates passed onto 389th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Call sign SHADOWFAX) (JW) for immediate engagement.

(Once FSB's are constructed and ground troops are in place for operations, collateral targets will be destroyed by HE fire support from FSB DIXON, MASON or UNION or from company size elements in the area.) (JW)

The locating of enemy supplies and stockpiles of food and munitions is a high priority. These should be booby-trapped or if off large amounts, should be passed on to Tactical Air Support as above.

(a)Unavoidable close contact and engagement with the enemy will be supported by Tactical Air Support. Danger Close fire missions must be requested in person with the prefix after teams call sign of ”ARMAGEDDON"

(b)Engagement with enemy forces must be avoided and the teams presence in the AO must remain covert at all times. Eyes and ears only.

(c)Exemption from these rules of engagement are for NVA/VC Cadre Teams in your AO. These must be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

INSERTION: Insertion will generally by by helo, and will take the form of two helos 1 lead with LRRP team & Trail Supported by two (2) Huey Gun ships

Each team will identify a suitable extraction point within their AO for emergency dust off or planned extraction at end of mission. Estimated duration, 8 days. Evening scheduled SITREP 18:00hrs

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