Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Medal Recommendation SFC C LANGLEY Team Two One F/58th

From: S1 Personnel & CO 1/501st
To: S1 Personnel, 101st Division HQ


 RE Commendation and Recommendation for Valour in the Face of the Enemy. SFC Clint Langley, Team TWO ONE (21), F/58th

In my capacity as Brigade Commander responsible for the deployment of Team Two One, 58th Infantry, 101st ABN Division, during the proprietary LRRP patrols conducted as phase one of operation RAPIDSTRIKE III, I recommend Team Leader SFC Clint Langley for the Army Commendation Medal.

The Army Commendation Medal is awarded to American personnel in the grade of O-6 and below who have performed noteworthy service in any capacity with the United States Army. Qualifying service for the award of the medal can be for distinctive meritorious achievement and service, acts of courage involving risk of life, or sustained meritorious performance of duty.

On the morning of 02/26/1969, SFC Clint Langley lead his team into an area of the Yok Nam Loa Massif know as the K14 AO. On HELO approach to the infiltration zone they came under heavy small arms AA fire from an unknown sized enemy. The CH-47 Chinook carrying the team took hits injuring the copilot and forcing the aircraft into a controlled crash landing. SFC Langley organised the immediate rescue of the injured crew member, caring him to a safe distance from the wreck. Here, his team formed a defensive position covering probable multiple attack from several directions. Attempts at a rescue by attending gunships were made but where continually driven off. During one of these runs a UH-1D Huey was also bought down but with no casualties. Under sporadic small arms fire Langley managed to get to the second crash site and helped the four man crew out and lead them back to the Defensive perimeter without further injury.

Once under the light cover afforded by a small rocky outcrop, Langley directed ARA from attending gunships and non ordnance runs from F4's of the 389th TFS on station during the mission. This well coordinated suppressive fire lead directly to the extraction of the entire LRRP team and crews from the LZ.

The crash site was subsequently destroyed by HE Air to Ground rocket fire from the F4 Phantoms of the 389th and the adjacent tree lines were napalmed.

SFC Langley, along with the rest of T21 58th Infantry, were successfully infiltrated into a new AO later the same day.

Please inform SFC Langley of his award and my personal appreciation of his actions. These are in the highest tradition of the United States Army and the very spirit of the Screaming Eagles.

Lt. Col. Eyles.  Co 2/502nd Infantry 101st Div

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