Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Orders 1/501st + FSB LEE 03/09/1969

From: (S3) Operations 1/501st,  Cyclone 6 Actual

DATE/TIME: 03/09/1969

Delta - 3rd Platoon to provide Point with flanking security from 1st Platoon (left) and 2nd Platoon (right) ,  Wpns & Co Platoon to be rear of Platoon Diamond formation and conduct patrol North West of FSB perimeter for up to 2KM  - Duration 6hrs plus 2 x 20 min stops – Area to be patrolled GR 211 621 to GR 201629 continue searching for any obvious trails/signs of the enemy. Maintain use of Hill 524 as OP

Bravo – 
Weapons Platoon provide Security FSB

1st Platoon provide escort for Village extraction

2nd Platoon & 3rd Platoon to patrol South West on GR’s  211 601 & 211 609 

1600 hrs to send out two LP’s to the following two co-ordinates GR 235605   & 235 625

Final readiness prep for the full re-location of Villagers – 5 batches – circa 50 per batch

1/B/326th Engr to continue FSB Lee construction Completion on track to enable planned insertion of Artillery Batteries and Support Units

Cyclone 6 Actual Out

Cyclone 6 Actual to Divisional FAC

Chinook to carry out village relocation, estimate will need to make 5 trips to complete full removal of Villagers and livestock based on final numbers provided – so expect this to take most of the day

Cyclone 6 Actual Out

LTC P D Lewis

             EYES ONLY

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