Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Request for Aerial Area Reconnaissance

From: S2-Intelligence 2nd Brigade HQ
To: Division HQ 101st ABN Air Assets

Warning notice: request for immediate action

Request for 101st air assets to carry out reconnaissance and assessment of the K14 AO in preparation for troop immersion into the area as part of the Rapidstrike III operation. 

Coordinates for flight box. First coordinates, bottom left hand corner, second bottom right hand corner of box. (These will be either 5 or 10kms apart) and the box will project north from a baseline drawn between the two.

SOP for flight reconnaissance: Any and all ground fire from enemy will be logged by flight and coordinates passed on to area TOC. Targets to be engaged by F4-C's of the 389th Tactical Fighter Squadron based at Da Nang and on station for overwatch duties during the flight recon. Call sign SHADOWFAX

Under cover of this reconnaissance mission, LRRP Teams of F Company 58th Infantry will be infiltrated to given coordinates within the flight sector. First and last light.


DAY ONE: 02/25/1969.
Weather report: Light rain, moderate 19* - 20* Wind NW, mild 12 mph dropping later 9mph.

1) 06:00hrs 218-577 / 260-600. (LRRP Team 6, 124-598)
2) 08:00hrs 181-565 / 200-609.
3) 10:00hrs 990-590 / 040-590
4) 12:00hrs 028-602 / 074-585
5) 14:00hrs 180-660 / 230-660
6) 16:00hrs 060-650 / 110-650  (LRRP Team 23, (074-668) & LRRP Team 12, (088-733)

DAY TWO: 02/26/1969.
Weather report: Light rain, moderate 20*cooling later 17* Wind NW, mild 12 mph.

1) 06:00hrs 000-680 / 050-680. (LRRP Team 21, (004-688)
2) 08:00hrs 110-720 / 210-720
3) 10:00hrs 065-728 / 100-760
4) 12:00hrs 200-730 / 250-730
5) 14:00hrs 090-780 / 190-780
6) 16:00hrs 170-630 / 203-667 (LRRP Team 2, (140-672)

Please note LRRP Team 7 will piggyback on a armoured resupply Column travelling East to West on the day of the 26 Feb. Drop off @ 090-829 and patrol to 092-822 to begin AO patrol.

Continued recon of the AO will be required on an ad hoc bases.

Lt. Col. Eyles.  Co 2/502nd Infantry 101st Div

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