Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Friday, 11 March 2016

SITREP 1/501st and Attached units 03/06/69-03/07/69

From: Cyclone Bravo and Delta 6, PADDY BRAVO 6 and DIGGER 16
To: CYCLONE 6 Actual

SITREP 03/06/1969
Weather Temp: 18-32° Rain: 0-5% Humidity: 53% Wind: 4-7 mph NW
Bravo, Delta and 328th
0700 2nd platoon inserts and secures perimeter of LZ
0715 As Co HQ and Wpns insert take sporadic fire from High ground to South West. Gunship suppresses area, firing stops.
1000 Bravo on Ground LZ perimeter expanded and secured Hamlet at 240 600 Villagers sullen but otherwise neutral
1300 Delta Safely on Ground, Perimeter expanded, Sent Platoon toward high ground from where fire was taken. 3 x Spider holes 241 598 empty and partly destroyed, Plt returnes to perimeter.
1400 Engineers on ground with equipment

Bravo 2/17th
1230 263 592 Take sporadic sniper fire, and an ACAV hit mine and damaged track. Recon by fire to areas of suspected sniper, firing stops,
1300 Track repaired moved out and Link with B, D and 1st plt Engineers.

All ground Elements
1430 Engineers and equipment loaded on to ACAVs and Tanks units Boon Tsuke.
1500 As Entering Village spot approx. 15 VC fleeing village, take sporadic small arms fire, return fire, 1st Platoon Bravo pursue and to ward and secure high ground hill 524 228 611, Spider holes and several empty Bunkers, no sign of enemy though suspect they may have been occupying these bunkers, Order to set OP/LP here NDP
1700 Other elements Secure Ville and Base, Set up perimeter, dig and Engineers sweep base and begin assessment for prep for FSB LEE.
1800 Local villagers surely and hostile, request that they be relocated as an obvious security issue with the ville so close to the FSB

Weather: Temp: 19-32° Rain: 0-5%  Humidity:48%  Wind:3-7 mph West – East Via South

In Night 1/Bravo took two (2) mortar rounds, no casualties

0600-1800 Work continues on clearing base and securing perimeter and building bunkers etc.
1100 Patrols sent out Ville 225 625 villagers seem to be Neutral nothing to report could get no information on enemy activity in area.

Bravo 2/17th
0700 Begin Patrol North, three (3) ford crossings of river
227 629, 230 628, 237 623, all passable with low water levels.
1200 Reach crossing point at 200 666 Ford passable and river at low levels.
1400 Return to FSB LEE and join in securing perimeter



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