Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Troops in Contact LRRP Team TWO ONE in contact on LZ!!!

Troops in Contact, Troops in Contact
Hurricane 6
This Hurricane Two One....

Hurricane 21 - Took AA in bound to AO 
Coming in to LZ too MG fire, bird went down, we have 1 I repeat 1 casualty WIA
A 2nd bird tried to come in and took fire and was driven off…. Came in again and was brought down by enemy fire, no casualties.
Hogs keeping on station suppressing enemy locations
Need emergency extraction ASAP. Possibly need RRF
Inform ASAP
Hurricane TWO ONE actual

Hurricane 6 - What is your exact location?
Are all personnel together?
Is the WIA walking wounded?
Are you under direct engagement now?
If so can you disengage?
Be advised SHADOWFAX has been ordered to your AO and is on standby for ground support. "Armageddon" for danger close
Be advised, we are looking at possible EVAC 800m to your East south east at 0135-6855. Please advise if this is clear over.

Hurricane 21 - We are on the coords for LZ for insertion
All personnel together 
Negative WIA needs to be stretchered.
Hogs are keeping the off, seems fore may be dying down.
Feel that moving will be difficult, 6 LRRPS and crew members one of whom WIA. Advise we stay put and you come get us out, moving 800m inadvisable

Hurricane 6 - Roger that Hurricane two one Actual. Sit tight son and we'll get to you Ricky Tick. Hogs will keep up suppressive fire. Be advised that fast movers will do a low level pass with afterburners just before choppers get to you to keep enemy heads down. No ordinance. 
Hurricane Six Actual over....

Hurricane 6 - Hurricane two one this Hurricane Six. copy?
Air support from AirCav is on its way son. Companies from the 502nd will be coming to you from east, await their arrival. AirCav looking for red smoke to mark your Pos (now designated LZ CHIEF). Crew and WIA to be extracted as priority. You and your team to stay put and await further orders.
Good luck SFC Langley, we will get to you Ricky Tick.
Hurricane Actual out.

Hurricane 21 - Hurricane Six  hurricane two one actual... will hold tight... not sure how long we can hold on if ground units push the LZ…..  WIA condition worsening.  Request RRF on ground ASAP to our pos.
Hurricane Two One actual over

Hurrican 6 - Hurricane two one Actual.
Be advised, no, I repeat no Rapid Response units available at present. LRRP teams on standby but reluctant to engage an enemy of unknown size and strength at this time. Arial rocket and napalm drop ordered after extraction from LZ.
Hurricane Six Actual over...

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