Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Friday, 15 April 2016

PR Problems and Hearts and Minds

To HQ 2nd Brigade, 101st division
CC LTCs A, Eyl;es, P, Lewis, J. Mitchell
From Brigadier General M Zias.  CO 101st DIvision
Re PR and hearts and minds

I previously sent a copy of a letter I have received from some REMF do-gooder down in Saigon.
Now personally this kind of shit chafes my nuts... but this is the crap we are now dealing with and once it becomes official it lands on my desk and I am expected to deal with it...
Gentlemen there are undeniable laws of physics one of which is that shit rolls downhill... this steaming pile of shit has landed on my desk and is now on its way down hill to you.

Now I know soldiers need to let off a little steam and thankfully this didn't turn into more of a cluster fuck. But we need to make sure that we look like choir boys when some chicken shit Associated Press dofus is around...
Which leads me to a second point... what the Sam hill was this photographer doing running around with free reign able to take these kind of shots. When we have these people in the field they need to be assigned a chaperone. Now this warning goes to you all as the battalion commanders... however in this case LTC Lewis it seems that someone in your command screwed the goose.... I especially want that tit grabber realising what it is to feel like a tit... and to find out who was assigned as chaperone to the Jimmy olsen and give him some lessons on being a chaperone.... preferably by chaperoning my boot up his ass.

Now Paul currently you may be likely to get more of this as you are looking after the accessible fsb Lee. .. let's not have a repeat of this and LTCs Eyles  and Mitchell I'll be looking to you both to have your procedures screwed down tight so if a fool with a Nikon turns up we won't have a repeat  of this.
Gentlemen let's remember which way the shit rolls.
I trust that other aspects of the operation are progressing well.. Let’s make sure the 1/4 2nd do some good work... let's not them butchered.. god only knows what would happen should they get chewed up on your watch.
I look forward to positive updates.
Good day.

Bgde Gen Melvin Zias


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