Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

03/12/1969 SItRep Hotel 2/501st + 2/17th Cav

From:  HQ 2/17th Cav Armd, CP Hotel 2/501st
To:. (S3) Operations Col Eyles. 2/502nd. (CO ACTING) 2nd Brigade HQ 101st Division
CC (S2) Intel (S3) Ops 101st Division HQ

DATE/TIME: 03/12/1969

WEATHER 19 °c 39°c Sunrise: 05:29 AM Sunset: 06:04 PM
Moonrise: 03:10 AM Moonset: 03:38 PM
Precip: 97%  Wind: 1 mph from ESE
Humidity: 99%  Pressure: 1010 mb Cloud Cover: 16%  Visibility: 9 km

03/12/69 06:00hrs
2/17th Squadron HQ, A, C & D (Air), Troops
2/501st Hotel Company, (Transported by 2/17th)

Set out from NDP 180 799 at 0700hrs making slow steady progress toward The Nipple, FAB STONEWALL. Rome ploughs leading way
1700hrs 195 383, 3rd Plt Hotel 2/501st engaged by sniper suffer 3 WIA, 1 serious
Ground units engaged location then pushed forward, blood trails found but then disappeared heading (E.) 2 x WIA treated in the field, 1 x WIA serious enough that needed MedEvac.

Finally lead elements reach the Nipple and set up NDP.
Will begin construction of FAB STONEWAL:L tomorrow

D Troop (Air) To Provide Air Cover and CAS Rotary
Provided top cver while ground units moved to The Nipple provided recon for sniper but nothing spotted and while MedEvac called in provided top cover and escort duties.

389th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Call sign SHADOWFAX) CAS to be requested.

1st Platoon 538th Land Clearing Company

       EYES ONLY

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