Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Monday, 25 July 2016

03/13/1969 Orders 1/501st Inf Abn

From: S3 Ops 1/501st Inf
To:. TOC FSB, Bravo & Delta 1/501st

DATE/TIME: 03/12/1969
Orders for 03/13/1969

Patchy rain nearby
Max:       34°c | Min: 19°c
Rain:     15.70 mm
Sunrise: 05:29 AM
Sunset:   06:04 PM
Cloud      15%  - 100%             
Wind       2-4mph primarily from S.
Humidity  49% - 98%   
Pressure   1008mb - 1010 mb      

3rd Platoon to move to area due West of 218 597 and set up ambush positions for night – radio in only hourly with sitrep unless full engagement occurs

1st & 2nd Platoons prepare and remain on alert for assistance action to Bravo 3rd Plt

Maintain use of Hill 524 as OP

2nd Platoon to provide Point with flanking security from 3rd Platoon (left) and 1st Platoon (right) ,  Wpns Plt and HQ to be rear of Platoon Diamond formation and conduct aggressive patrol North West of FSB perimeter for up to 4KM  - Duration 8hrs plus 1 x 30 min stop – Area to be patrolled GR 211 621 to GR 201629 search and destroy any enemy encountered. Report in any obvious trails/signs of the enemy and utilise A Battery as Fire Support if required.

326th Engrs - to continue FSB Lee construction – advise on insertion of Artillery Batteries and Support Units

A 2/319 Arty – Continue to improve firing positions and to provided fire support as necessary

Charlie & Alpha Companies -
Confirm readiness to enter the AO.

Cyclone 6 Actual FSB LEE CP

Supply confirmation that all villagers are evac’d and we can now begin Operations in earnest

Cyclone 6 Actual Out

 LtC P D Lewis

          EYES ONLY

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