Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Thursday, 1 September 2016

03/14/1969 ORDERS

From: (S3) Operations Col Eyles. 2/502nd. (CO ACTING) 2nd Brigade HQ 101st Division
To:.       (S2) Intel (S3) Ops 101st Division HQ
           326th Engineers
           1/502nd Inf
           2/501st Inf
2/17th Cav
7/17th Cav
DATE/TIME: 03/14/69

Light rain shower
Min 20 °c  37 °c
Sunrise: 05:39 AM Sunset: 05:59 PM Moonrise: 06:11 AM Moonset: 06:40 PM
Precip: 14%
Wind: 3 mph from SSW
Humidity: 100%
Pressure: 1009 mb
Cloud Cover: 90%
Visibility: 10 km

start 07:00hrs 08:30 duration per lift with refuel and loading etc 4hours
07:00hrs 2nd platoon of 326th Engineers 1 CH47 Chinook and weapons Plt from 7/17th CAS. At LZ MASON
1/42nd. FSB MASON.
Engineers to repair, refuel downed CH47 at earliest convenience. Specialist if needed to fly in with first resupply
- Patrol to reconnoiter enemy strengths between MASON and hill 656 at Chu Bong Kran 210 758 mortar co to support patrols.
- Once artillery is establish at MASON,
- B Company 1/42nd and mortar co will patrol to Chu Bong Kran and establish a defensive base with pre-determined fire support coords from MASON.
Other patrols as needed to inform and protect the surrounding area of FSB MASON.

C Company 1/42nd ARVN Enter AO 06:00hrs arrive FSB LEE 10:00hrs by truck along the now secure H344 by 670th Company- 10th Transport Battalion.
start 07:00hrs duration per lift with refuel and loading etc 4hours
07:00hrs D company 1/502nd arrive LZ DIXON 08:30hrs
11:30 ETA 1330 3rd platoon of 326th Engineers 1 CH47 Chinook and 7/17th Wpns Plt provide CAS

1/502nd A Co. to remain at base as RRF
2/17th D Troop 2/501st
2/17th D Troop to move to meet 2/501st Fox, Golf, HQ, Recon Plt, Motar Plt travelling in Brigade transport and  71st transport Battalion trucks (tbr) West along H427 and escort them to Dak Sor (020-813) establish NDP. 17:00hrs

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