Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Monday, 19 December 2016

03/16/1969 Redesignation 2nd Squadron 17th Cav, from Armd to Air

From:       Division HQ., Operations
To:.         Col Eyles. 2/502nd. (CO ACTING) 2nd Brigade HQ 101st Division (S2) Intel (S3) Ops
DATE/TIME: 03/16/69
RE: Resignation 2/17th Cav Armored to Air

As part of the ongoing transition of the Division from Airborne to Airmobile, the 2nd Squadron 17th Cav, is transition from Armored Cav to Air Cav.
This will entail retraining personnel, and re-equipping units.

One of the Squadron Armored Troops will become the Air squadrons D Troop Armored and The Current D Troop Air will become C Troop..

With 2nd Squadron units involved in the AO of Rapidstrike III, Units will be released at your first convenience.

If your operational requirements are for further Air Cav units while 2/17th are undergoing retraining the slack can be taken up by 7/17th Units.

If you need further Armored Cav units, The Division will seek to provide them.
Also be advised that if the removal of armored units unduly affects your ability to secure the Operational objectives within the AO. Then II Corps have notified that this command that additional ground unit’s may be provided

101st Division HQ
PP Gen. Melvin Zias
Officer Commanding


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