Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry (Abn)


1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry (Abn)
Commander: Lt Col.Alan Eyles
Call sign: HURRICANE 6 

Battalion HQ/CP
27 men.
Battalion Mortars
CO Lt. L Harbud,
22 men. 4 x 4.2" Mortars
LT gets the job done but is still 'green' as is his platoon who, because of replacements are all relatively new. 
Recon Platoon
CO - Lt. F Amaro, 21 men.
Lt Leads the Platoon from the front, always looking to take the fight to the enemy. Reasonable Platoon. 

ALPHA Company
Current Strength: 118
CO Captain D Carnahan, 
Co. CP 7
1st Plt Lt Ellmers 29
2nd Plt Lt Orozco 31
3rd Plt Lt Roswell 32
4th Plt (Wpns) Lt Tollis 19
an able and well-motivated officer. Well experienced and with generally good junior officers under him). This is one of the better Company's in the battalion

BRAVO Company
Current Strength 126
CO Captain N Hackley,
Co CP 6
1st Plt Lt Kelly, 32
2nd Plt Lt Baron, 31
3rd Plt Lt Kenic 34
Wpns Plt Lt Noonan) 23 3x 60mm mortars
An able and strong Company CO. His junior officers are all of good quality although the men are a mixed bunch.

Current Strength: 105 officers and men.
CO Captain W Johnson,
Co CP 7
1st Plt Lt. Lewin, 33
2nd Plt Lt Lubin, 27
3rd Plt Lt Quinn 29
Wpns Plt Wyers 16 + 3 x 60mm mortars. 
An extremely gifted officer, he commands a Company which is of better than average officers and men.

DELTA Company
Current Strength 116 officers and men.
CO: Captain D Goodner,
Co CP 8
1st Plt Lt Yates 35,
2nd Plt Lt Prochink, 31
3rd Plt lt Clout 35

Wpns Plt Fontana 15 3x 60mm mortars
A relatively good officer but has appeared a little cautious at times. This may be due to his lack of experience as a Company CO. Junior officers are all of a good standard as are the men. Weapons Platoon has 60mm mortars.

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