Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry (Abn)


Battalion Roster for 2/501 in K14
INTEL: 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry (Abn)
Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell ‘
Call sign: TYPHOON 6

Battalion CP: 25 Officers and men.
Battalion Mortars: Lt. L Evans, 21 men. 4 x 4.2" Mortars
Recon Platoon: Current Strength: 24
Lt. E Constanta, a good recon officer with quick wits and good abilities. Leads a solid Platoon.

ECHO Company Typhoon 1  
Current Strength: 135 officers and men.
CO  Captain J Cagle an able officer and leading a solid Company has been in the rear re-organising Co CP 7. 1st Plt Lt Fernandez, 36, 2nd Plt Lt Beck, 39. 3rd Plt Lt McArble 35. Wpns Plt Lt Wulfing. 18

Current Strength: 114 Officers and men
CO Captain H Kubin, Kubin a solid officer with an above average Company. The unit is well led by junior officers 
1st Plt Lt Lentic, 28 
2nd Plt Lt O'Leary, 37
3rd Plt Lt Rockberger 31,
Wpns Plt Lt Terrot. 12

GOLF Company Typhoon 3
Current Strength: 132 Officers and Men
CO Captain G Heckman,
Cp + Wpns Plt
Lt Rosengarten
Cp 8
Wpns 15
1st Plt
Lt Dupuy 36
2nd Plt
Lt Jemmsi 32
3rd Plt
Lt Noad 41

Heckman is a strong and effective airborne officer who leads a solid Company with good officers

HOTEL Company 2/501ST
CO Captain R Cresci, TYPHOON 4
Cp 5
Wpns PltLt Jolly 21
1st Plt Lt Simsik, 32
2nd Plt Lt Chasler 26
3rd Plt Lt Bastin 39
Captain Cresci an able Company CO leading an average unit supported by quality officers 

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