Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

1st Battalion, 501st Infantry (Abn)


Battalion Roster for 1/501 in K14
INTEL 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry (Abn)
Commander: Lt Col Paul Lewis 
Call sign: CYCLONE 6
Battalion 4.2" Mortar Battery
      Commander: Lt D Dexler - a 'solid' officer.
      Current Strength: 19 (officers and enlisted)
      Battalion Recon Platoon
      Current Strength: 22
Commander: Lt A Silver –
A good airborne officer who 'gets the job done' and likes to take the fight to the enemy.

      Alpha Company
      Current Strength: 147 (officers and enlisted).
Commander: Capt J Davies –
Co CP                       7
1st Plt Lt Waby         41
2nd Plt Lt Baldwin    39
3rd Plt Lt McConahey 37
Wpns Plt Lt Welsh     23
Cpt Davies is a well-motivated officer who leads in the airborne tradition. Generally a good Company although not the best in the Battalion

      BRAVO Company
      Current Strength: 115 (officers and enlisted).
Commander: Capt Kirby Smith -
Co CP                       5
1st Plt Lt Seldon      30
2nd Plt Lt Beale       35
3rd Plt Lt Grant       28
Wpns Plt Lt Tate      17

Notes: a highly motivated officer who leads in the airborne tradition. Over the course of recent Operations, Captain Smith has shown himself to be a very good officer who 'gets the job done'. Generally a good Company although not the best in the Battalion.

      CHARLIE Company
      Current Strength: 118 (officers and enlisted
Commander: Capt Conolly –
Co CP                          8
1st Plt Lt Bessel          31
2nd Plt Lt Sartee          32
3rd Plt Lt Young           26
Wpns Plt Lt Rampersad  21
Notes: Conolly is a steady and solid officer who leads in the Airborne tradition. Generally regarded as the best Company in the Battalion.

      DELTA  Company
      Commander: Capt Fredricks
      Current Strength: 112 (officers and enlisted).
Co CP                       6
1st Plt Lt Kelly        25
2nd Plt Lt Claflin    33
3rd Plt Lt Allen,       36
Wpns Plt: Lt Naker    12
      Notes: generally regarded as an above average Company.


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