Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

F Company 58th Infantry (LRRP)


F Company 58th Infantry (LRRP)

Patrols assigned to 2nd Bgde 101st Div (Abn)
Operation Rapidstrike

Team 2
SFC Jonathan Mitchell- Team Leader
Sgt Paul Leslie- Senior Scout
Sgt Gordon Summers- Senior RTO
PFC Rico Ross- Junior RTO
Sgt Rene Latosa- Assistant Team Leader
PFC Gary Burford-Junior Scout

Team 6
SSgt Noah Tulejah- Tm Ldr
SFC Marchello Marscalchi- Ast Tm Ldr
Sgt Rob Rogers- Snr Sct
PFC Gus Danowski- Snr RTO
PFC Stephen Ballantyne- Jnr Sct
PFC Colin Cook- Jnr RTO

Team 7
SSgt Mark Rudd- Tm Ldr
SFC Nigel Aires- Ast Tm Ldr
SFC Paul Amadeaux- Snr Scout
Sgt Tim Dow- Jnr Sct
PFC John Thompson- Snr RTO
PFC Danny Lasanto- Jnr RTO

Team 12
SSgt Jerry Lopez- Tm Ldr
Sgt Billy Walkabout- Ast Tm Ldr
Sgt Charlie Dale- Snr Sct
PFC Alexis Denisof- Jnr Scout
PFC Niall Fraser- SNR RtO
PFC Jeff Reeves

Team 21
SFC Clint Langley- Tm Ldr
Sgt Malcolm Davies- Ast Tm Ldr
Sgt Louis Lewis- Snr Scout
PFC Stuart Bedford- Jnr Scout
PFC Paul O’Keefe- Snr RTO
PFC Freddy Larsen- Jnr RTO

Team 23
SFC Michael Molin- Tm Ldr
SFC Nick K’Osei- Ast Tm Ldr
Sgt Chris Williamson- Snr Scout
PFC Trey Hooker- Jnr Scout
PFC Steve Kinvig- Snr RTO

PFC John Morgan- Jnr RTO


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