Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

03/13/1969 Orders 1/42nd ARVN

From: S3 Ops 2nd Bgde 101st Division Abn
To:. HQ S3 Ops 1/42nd

DATE/TIME: 03/12/1969
Orders for 03/13/1969

Patchy rain nearby
Max:        34°c | Min: 19°c
Rain:       15.70 mm
Sunrise:   05:29 AM
Sunset:     06:04 PM
Cloud      15%  - 100%             
Wind       2-4mph primarily from S.
Humidity  49% - 98%   
Pressure   1008mb - 1010 mb      

Pursuant of previous notification your Bn to Enter AO RAPIDSTRIKE III under OpCon 2nd Bgde 101st Division

07:00hrs duration per lift with refuel and loading etc 4hours
HQ, A, B and Mortar Platoon 1/42nd airlifted From Bien Hoa into AO along the line of the Ea krong kno river to secure the FSB MASON area

Company lift requiring 3 x flights consisting of
2 x CH47 Chinooks plus
6  x Hueys. 101st Div Aviation
7/17th Wpns Plt in close support for each lift.

-06:00hrs C Company road movement to AO by truck along the now secure H344 by 670th Company- 10th Transport Battalion. (Transported all of 1/42nd to Bien Hoa for airlift 03/12/69)
Duration to FSB LEE 24hrs (night stop on route) arrive FSB LEE 10:00hrs 03/14/69.
B Company Airlift to LZ MASON ETA 08:30 set up defensive perimeter.
HQ and Mortar Plt. to LZ MASON ETA 12:30hrs (2 chinooks) 1/2 A company (6 Huey's)
B Company send out patrols out to perimeter for LP, and bomb damage assessment (BDA).
Balance of A Company (6 Huey's) Airlift to LZ MASON eta 16:30hrs. B company return to main force. Mortars set up to cover berm. First arrived A company platoons to set LPs and night ambushes.

         EYES ONLY

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