Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

03/14/1969 SitRep

From:       1/501st Inf
2/501st Inf
1/502nd Inf
2/319th Arty (105mm)
B/326th Engineers
           2/17th Cav
7/17th Cav
To:.       (S3) Operations Col Eyles. 2/502nd. (CO ACTING) 2nd Brigade HQ 101st Division (S2) Intel (S3) Ops 101st Division HQ
DATE/TIME: 03/14/69

Light rain shower
Min 20 °c  37 °c
Sunrise: 05:39 AM Sunset: 05:59 PM Moonrise: 06:11 AM Moonset: 06:40 PM
Precip: 14%
Wind: 3 mph from SSW
Humidity: 100%
Pressure: 1009 mb
Cloud Cover: 90%
Visibility: 10 km

3rd Plt Bravo Co. Discover trail 212 600 follow It contouring West Set NDP Hill622 189 588

B Troop 2/17th Cav
1st Plt Travel South to Link up with Charlie Company 1/42nd ARVN, RV and escort to FSB LEE with no incident
2nd Plt Route Clearance West side of river. 11:00 engaged by est squad sized element, exchange fire enemy withdrew… Completed route clearance.
1500hrs On return took sniper fire from West 190 655 return fire. No cas RTB.
3rd Plt, Route clearance East side of river, no contacts

A Btty 2/319th Arty (105mm)
Improve positions, no missions fired

1/B/326th ENGRS
Continue work on Base
Chinook repaired over night and flown out
2nd platoon of 326th Engineers
Insert took several Sniper rounds No Cas  and begin work
Aplha & Bravo
Work on Perimeter
1st Plt Alpha
patrol North to hill 656 at Chu Bong Kran 210 758 1430hrs encounter enemy force, estimated at 3 platoons, Suffered casualties, pulled back calling in fire support from Mortar Platoon and CAS from 7/17th Cav Air. RRF from Mason Alpha Co. Break contact… Policed up and returned with casualties to LZ MASON, RRF acting as screening force, 5 KIA 12 WIA

CHARLIE Co. 1/42nd ARVN RV with 1/B Troop 2/17th and make way to FSB LEE. 670th Company- 10th Transport Battalion. To overnight and leave in morning

Overnight 5 mortar rounds land in operimeter, no casualties, Stand too no attack followed
Units continue work on perimeter
Delta Co 1/502nd 
Insert without incident. Begin constructing bunkers
3rd Plt B/326th ENGRS
Insert without incident, begin work on Perimeter and bunkers
start 07:00hrs duration per lift with refuel and loading etc 4hou

1/502nd A Co. to remain at base as RRF

2/17th Cav Armd
HQ & A Troops
Work on Perimeter and Bunkers
2/501st Inf
Hotel Co.
Work on perimeter and bunkers send out perimeter patrols.

C Troop 2/17th RV with 2/501st Fox, Golf, HQ, Recon Plt, Motar Plt
in 71st Transport Battalion trucks Entering AO on the H427
1500hrs Contact est. Enemy squad 040 820, return fire, enemy break contact South, convoy continue to Dak Sor (020-813) establish NDP. @ 17:00hrs

              EYES ONLY

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