Rapidstrike III

Rapidstrike III
101st Divisions Operations to Reclaim the Area K14

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Request for Fast movers 389th Tactical Fighter Squadron


From: Brigade S3 OPERATIONS HQ - 2/502nd Infantry
To: Squadron HQ 389th 7th Airforce

Warning notice: request for fighter support of LRRP ground forces K14 AO

Request for 389th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Call sign SHADOWFAX) to support phase One of operation RAPIDSTRIKE III by offering close support and Harassment and Interdiction missions requested by LRRP Teams of F Company 58th Infantry. This support to cover the Duc Xuyen district, known as K14 regional AO, while FSB's are being constructed during the above operation. These FSB's will take over operational support once online. Estimated duration of support mission- 02/25/1969 to 03/06/1969.

Teams 2-6 call sign CYCLONE 2 & 6 respectively attached to 1/501st
Teams 7-12 call sign TYPHOON 7-12 respectively attached to 2/501st
Teams 21-23 call sign HURRICANE 21-23 respectively attached to 2/502nd

LRRP insertion points indicate centre of a 4km square area. Unless directly requested by LRRP team personnel in person, a 1km exclusion zone should be assumed around these areas.
NB: Very close support requested with the "Armageddon" prefix to call sign.

Team 2 (140-672)
Team 6 (124-598)
Team 7 (092-822)
Team 12 (088-733)
Team 23  (074-668)
Team 21 (004-688)

Lt. Col. Eyles.  Co 2/502nd Infantry 101st Div

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